According to recent statistics, people remember;

10 percent of what they hear,

20 percent of what they read,

and 80 percent of what they see and do.

If your business relies on customer acquisition, consider this post your wake up call. Don’t let your budget go to waste with ineffective (and expensive) marketing campaigns, instead of perfectly edited photo content.

In the previous posts I wrote about how to use platforms to create visual content like a pro, and measure the success of your visual content marketing.

With this post, I intended to give you an ‘unfair advantage’ with 5 fresh ideas and tips to make your visual social content blow up!


As I mentioned above, people remember 80% of what they see. A really cool way to make your visual content pop is to overlay text on an image is by posting statistics that resonates with your audience.

Try using statistics from your own research, or finding some that are relevant to your message. Need a great resource for current statistics? Look no fuhrer than – One of the leading statistics companies on the internet.



The vast majority of Instagram users, or any social media marketers for that matter, simply spend their time creating content and publishing it out there into the great abyss hoping it gets discovered. Very rarely do you see marketers posting on other people’s content as it’s often seen as a waste of time. This in sharp contrast to the saying ‘Social Media is a Two Way Street’.

The best way to get others to share your content is to establish meaningful relationships with others in social media and participate in reciprocal behavior. You can’t expect others to always share and promote your content if you’re not returning the favor.

Sharing the work of others or simply commenting on their feed shows that you understand the social element of social media and respect other people’s work.

Because guess what, it isn’t just all about you.


Instagram has been a huge part of our daily lives. There are tons of great photographers out there who post stunning images that are sure to get you hooked, but what I find more amazing is the fact that some people out there have managed to use Instagram for their purposes in a way that goes beyond just photos of daily life.


Brands, influencers, and the everyday Instagrammer are stepping outside the 1080px by 1080px square box and pushing the boundaries on creativity. If you really want your account to stand out, you need to think creatively and learn from the best.

A few of my personal favorites includes:

AWWSAM, An Industrial Designer, Stylist & Donut Aficionado

Tal Spiegel, Loves shoes and pastries

Betsey Johnson The Official Instagram for all things girly

Vertu Handcrafted luxury mobile phones made in England

The list goes on. Find the feeds that inspire you the most within your industry and analyze what they’re doing right.

Pablo Picasso is widely quoted as having said that “Good artists borrow, great artists steal.” If it worked for Picaso, who are we to think otherwise?


Too many Instagram users lack focus — jumping from food pics to photos of cars to inspiring quotes with no apparent purpose. That could work for your personal account. But if you want to build a strong following on Instagram as a business, you need to define your mission & stick with it.


If you stick to certain styles of photos, your followers will come to expect that & return to see what you post on Instagram.


While the goal of Instagram is to create and post your own content, things don’t have to stop there. ASOS has a really cool approach: They repost Instagram content from their individual stylists, who function as brand lifestyle ambassadors with accounts specifically associated with ASOS, like @asos_megan and @asos_isabella.

Another beautiful example of this is the #SAMSUNGS7 hashtag which highlights the creativity of Samsung S7 owners, in a way that Samsung could never achieve on their own.

Samsung S7.PNG

Create the right hashtags for your brand and ask your fans to use them, so you can track their images and share their work.

Showing your fans a little respect goes a long way!


At the onset of any content marketing initiative, it is absolutely essential to determine your overall goals. Need a little assistance with your KPIs? Give our previous post a read: Measure Your Visual Content Marketing Like a Pro, to discover high level goals and analytics services to dive deeper into your social feed.

So there you have it, 5 ways to make your visual social content explode, and more importantly all you need to make it happen is patience and creativity.

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5 Ways to Make your Visual Social Content Explode

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