BIGINTRO is a creative digital content agency in charge of making your brand and business stand out. We start with brilliant ideas and inject elements into the core concept. From visual and textual content to PR and media campaigns, our method ensures every project we work on earns genuine engagement. We take pride in working with our clients towards creating and implementing effective editorial strategies for content creation across all relevant social channels.



Founded by Oren Todoros, a veteran Digital Marketing Executive with a sharp focus on the B2C industry; Oren Todoros has helped establish both independent entrepreneurs as well as large scale global brands, increasing their reach through the digital landscape. Oren has given numerous talks on topics ranging from ‘Out-of-the-box PR tactics’ to creating effective online marketing strategies.



Gilya Todoros, Co-founder at BIGINTRO is an Interior Decor Stylist with an eye for aesthetics. Gilya is BIGINTRO’s Creative Director. She is known for her creative art direction and bringing a unique aspect to styling photo shoots. She also provides Interior Styling consultancy to architects, interior design studios, and projects of all sizes.


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