BIGINTRO Clients in B2B Platforms


NUVIAD is a mobile marketing company that provides brands and businesses the solutions they need to promote their products and services through hyper local targeting. Their solutions reaches people on thousands of leading mobile apps, when they’re near targeted locations, helping to drive purchase intent.

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BYOND Immersive Suite

Byond offers a platform as a service to empower companies to create their own personalized interactive VR universe. Using their CMS and authoring tools, Byond significantly reduces the complexity of creating and publishing VR applications, across all multiple display and interaction devices. By creating tailored VR landscapes that allow for intuitive navigation, content consumption becomes more efficient and information overload in consumers is prevented.

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 DealHub by Valooto

DealHub by Valooto offers a single platform experience to manage all sales-customer interactions throughout the entire sales process. At each stage, DealHub recommends the best actions for sales reps to take. The solution generates and shares the most relevant, personalized content (from sales decks and collaterals to quotes, sizing calculations, ROIs, SOWs, site surveys and agreements); then utilizes customer engagement analytics to draw insights for further actions and score opportunity progress.

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With over 10 years of experience in the mobile industry and thousands of customers worldwide, Swiftic’s mobile app platform breaks down the barriers set by social networks, by allowing content creators to own their social assets while opening new monetization opportunities. For fans, Swiftic delivers access to personalized and exclusive content, including social feeds and direct interactions with their favorite influencers.

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