Talking to Shadi Sayes of Owner of Image One Camera

A big part of what I love most about the photography industry and the visual content industry, in general, is the amazing people I meet and get to learn from.

One of the things I would strongly recommend to every entrepreneur, regardless of the industry you’re in is, reaching out to successful individuals who inspire you, get to know them, find out what they’re passionate about, what their routine is like, how they got to where they are… I promise you you’re going to learn so much just by taking the time to talk, and more importantly listen to them.

Shadi Sayes is one of those people who caught my attention, both because of the business he runs, as well as how he uses social content to expand his brand’s reach. Shadi is the owner of Image One Camera and video based in Riverside, CA.

Shad is community driver, one who gives back generously and helps one person at a time, in all aspects of Photography, Videography, and Cinematography.  I asked Shadi to answer a few questions to share with you guys, here on BIGINTRO.

For those who don’t know you or One Camera yet, share a little background about yourself.

I’m the owner of Image One Camera and Video located at 9590 Magnolia Ave in Riverside.  One of the things I’m most passionate about is how valuable is to capture a life story by a Photo and this is where the journey begins.

How did you get involved with photography?

I’ve been working in the camera industry since 2002, but since I was about three years old I’ve known how to work a camera because my family owns a studio in Jordan.  I was born and raised in Jordan and later came to the US to achieve the American dream, by owning my own camera company.  Prior to that, I worked as a store manager at Ritz Camera and the general manager for Calumet Photographic, as well as the manager of Sammy’s Camera.

In your opinion, what is the biggest misconception most beginning photographers have? (Or the biggest mistake they make)

The biggest misconception would be not understanding the business perspective and the assets and liabilities and how to invest in their equipment time and more.

Who are some of the photographers/videographers you recommend others look at for inspiration?

Suzette Allen –

Photo Joseph –

Ashley Meyer (Ashley Blake Photography) –

What’s in your camera bag? What wouldn’t you leave home without?

  • GH5
  • 6 Memory cards
  • 4 Batteries
  • Lumix LX10 pocket camera and Theta S 360
  • LED light and Rode Mic

(Side note: Awesome setup! Here’s where you can pick up all of that awesome gear –

What steps should businesses take right now to stand out above the rest in terms of visual content? What is Image One doing differently?

Be committed 100% to your community by supporting and understand all its needs.  We are capturing an edge in Image One and that edge is understanding technology and implement that to our community and help them grow (they grow we grow).

Please share some words of advice for visual content creators

Always remember you’re “creating a second for a life time” you never know what impact or reaction your image or video could impact the world around you.

Thanks for sharing your love of photography with us Shadi, and introducing us to more incredible photographers.