Every brand has not just one, but multiple stories to share. Every achievement, from the conception of your brand, through planning and execution, each of these milestones contain stories that can strengthen your brand towards a wider reach, more leads, and value. Our Planned Content service, based on a set monthly budget has you covered with:


‣ Initial Research (Competitive and Textual Content)
‣ Tone of Voice – Content Strategy
‣ Complete Content Creation
‣ Visual Social Content Strategy
‣ Full Community Management
‣ Execution and Reporting


‣ Defining Audience and Objectives
‣ Identifying Marketing Channels
‣ Project Kick Off
‣ Content Production
‣ Project Execution
‣ Weekly Reporting and Analytics

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Identifying and understanding your audience is key towards long-term engagement. Data is an essential of the marketing process. With the supply of audience targeting data having exploded over the last few years, the opportunities for brands such as yours to target and engage with the right audiences are now greater than ever before.

A few of the questions we always ask prior to starting are:

  • What are your immediate goals?
  • What is the story of how your brand started?
  • How did your brand change people’s lives for the better?
  • What are your brand’s core values and beliefs?
  • What is the story of your latest product launch?
  • How does your product or service impact the daily lives of others?
  • What value can you share within your industry that will amplify your reach?


Ready to find out more about our Planned Content‘ service?
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