What we do

At BIGINTRO video content creation is in our DNA. We’ve worked with leading brands in the travel, retail, luxury, tech, and gaming industries. We only partner with like-minded clients and are proud of our long-term relationships. Your success is our success.

Due to our variety of clients, we have experience working with a range of corporate video services. We pride ourselves on customizing each piece to best suit the goals of your company. Whether you want an internal piece, such as staff training, an external piece, such as a promotional video, or short social media videos, we will dedicate the time to craft the perfect corporate video for you.

How we do it

Video accounts for 80% of all internet traffic. Your business simply cannot afford to miss out on the massive exposure it delivers.

A well-defined strategy is the backbone of any successful video project. We'll craft you a video strategy with the right targeting, tactics and messaging to reach your goals. 

Like a fine suit, we tailor-make video to your objectives. From solid research to the creative approach, from script to storyboard, we'll handle everything.

  • Creative ideas
  • Video script writing
  • Talking head videos
  • Testimonial videos
  • Live action videos

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From setting clear goals and objectives to filming and editing, we work with you every step of the way on specific & achievable video objectives. This makes measuring your success simple and gives the project a crystal clear direction. Our production team handles all aspects of the filming process ensuring that all of our creative ideas are brought to life.

We love pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling, and testing just how persuasive it can be. We're relentlessly curious - always experimenting with new ideas, sharing our findings and passing the benefits to you.

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