The 7 Most Lavish ‘Must-See’ Cannabis Dispensaries in the US

If you happen to be a marijuana aficionado, here’s a peek into the 7 of the most extravagant cannabis dispensaries in the United States. If you’re traveling to the US or curious to see what all the hype is about, add these places to your bucket list, and plan the weekend for some weed-filled adventures – all you have to do is waltz into these stores (as long as you’re over 21 of course!)


Planet 13 happens to be the world’s largest recreational cannabis store. At 40,000 sq.ft., Planet 13 is now one of the world’s largest weedmarts. This store works as a twenty-four-hour cannabis dispensary. Planet 13 caters to the medical cannabis sector as well. From vapes to capsules, Planet 13 has it all. But what really makes Planet 13 stand out and a one of a kind experience is an attached distillery that offers a visual experience for visitors.

Some of this involves exquisite walkways that are lit with sensory activated LED lights that detect your presence and leaves behind an array of lights and colors along with your part. Another favorite is the 3D projections all around the lobby walls. All in all, Planet 13 isn’t just a fancy cannabis dispensary, it is a visual treat as well.


Enter Diego Pellicer, and you’ve stepped into cannabis heaven. Located in the seaport city of Seattle, Diego Pellicer is the brainchild of Jamen Shively. This dispensary boasts of a variety of cannabis products, from fancy vapes, grinders, and chillums, to various strains, bulk or pre-rolled joints.

While some of these products have prices that may burn a hole in your pockets, this is one place you simply must visit. These guys have gone all out with their products, and you’ll see for yourself their love for marijuana.

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This Florida based cannabis dispensary sells both medicinal and recreational pot. Trulieve works relentlessly to ensure that the herbs are hand-grown in an environment that is free from any chemicals or pest.

What makes this center stand out is they have a team of expert physicians to help you, should you need advice with regard to both the medicinal and recreational use of cannabis. Trulieve also has the credit of being Florida’s first marijuana dispensary, since the drug was made legal.


This cannabis dispensary enhances your cannabis experience with a constantly changing menus, fun events, and even a cute corgi that you can play with (and will grow to love), every time you enter the store. Located in Seattle, American Mary is one cannabis dispensary that will never fail to disappoint you.

Whether you are looking for indica-dominant premium cannabis flowers, or hybrid strains, bulk or pre-rolled, they have it all. It does not end there – American Mary has weed chocolates, mints, brownies, and several drinks as well. Don’t forget to check out their fancy grinders, glasses, and vapes too!


Head to Denver and make your way to the Euflora Recreational Marijuana store. You can then treat yourself to some extremely high-end marijuana flowers, concentrates, edibles, and other CBD products. These guys have a lot to offer but based on customer favorites, the top picks at Euflora Recreational Marijuana include Sour Diesel, Blue Dream, Jack Flash, Bruce Banner, Golden Goat, and (surprisingly) Island Sweet Skunk – don’t let the name fool you!

These guys boast of years of strain hunting, and careful horticultural breeding, to develop some of the best, most potent cannabis strains that you’ll find in Colorado.


Located just steps from the strip, this warm and welcoming Vegas dispensary is committed to providing world-class cannabis and cannabis products to everyone who walks in the door, whether they’re from across town or across the globe.

ReLeaf’s team of professional staff go through extensive training so that they’re able to make the best recommendations to each one of their patients and customers, and every product that this dispensary carries must meet or exceed strict quality standards in order to make it to the shelves.


One of our favorite dispensaries on the list is NuWu in Las Vegas, the Paiute land north of Downtown Las Vegas is the site of NuWu Cannabis Marketplace, the largest medical and recreational marijuana marketplace in the world.

Legal sale of recreational marijuana began January 1, 2017, and a few months later – October 13 – NuWu opened its doors. The building spans nearly 16,000 square feet with 170 feet of display counters dedicated to medical and recreational marijuana.

The cannabis market is all set to soar, and these five dispensaries are making the most out of this business. Go ahead and treat yourself to some of the best canna-products that the US has to offer! 

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