Cannabis Packaging and Branding as a Marketing Tool

The cannabis industry is growing rapidly, and competition is getting fierce. From a marketing standpoint, most cannabis consumers are not yet familiar with the selection of brands available especially with CBD products, which makes the process of defining and designing the packaging of cannabis-based products even more crucial.

This challenge, however, also creates a big opportunity for new brands to establish themselves in the rapidly changing market, by developing a branding strategy which attracts more attention, and potentially more customers.

In fact, packaging is one of the most important tools to make your brand stand out among others within the retail space. Gone are the days when you simply pack your product in a bag and deliver it to customers. Today, packaging needs to do a lot more than that to create repeat customers and brand loyalty.  

When there are so many products on the market you need to do something exceptional, and the way you package your products can be a game changer.

So, what is “good” Cannabis packaging and design packaging?
Let’s break it down into actionable insights you should be aware of.


All cannabis products need to have specific, regulated information and local laws present on their packaging before they hit the market.

This includes:

  • Your brand’s name
  • Net weight
  • The type of product
  • Batch info (THC/CBD content, batch numbers, etc.)
  • Warning symbols



No matter which type of cannabis product you are sending in the market, (whether it has medical or recreational uses) you want it to stand out above your competitors.

Think about the successful products. What about their brand makes them stand out?

What to consider…

  • How do you want this container displayed?
  • Will it be on a shelf, or hang on a hook?
  • If it’s oddly shaped, will it be a pain for tenders to stock? If so, they may not want to push your product to avoid dealing with restocking it.


The pointy leaf by now has certainly become a cliché but that being said, it’s also an instantly recognizable icon; it’s the fastest way to make a product identifiable in stores.

While many brands continue to use the cannabis leaf in their logos and packaging designs, they are usually doing so with a twist. Logos may use a modern, stylized version of the leaf, different colors or they may combine it with other elements to modernize the design while still playing on this familiar theme.


White containers are practically designed for medical and healthcare fields, while shiny black packaging can lend an air of luxury. Browns, greens, and other earthy tones tend to be used to pack more natural, unrefined products, particularly in a matte finish and may appeal to consumers who tend to shop organic.

Any color selection can become an identity mark part of your brand if it is consistently used for your packaging and makes your products easily recognized on dispensary shelves.


Your ‘sales’ experience shouldn’t end once you’ve sold your product to a customer with your awesome packaging. Once they’re home, the unpacking of the product also creates an opportunity to take the experience to the next level.

What’s next?

Is the unboxing of your product living up to the experience you want them to have? Through packaging, you are providing an experience that makes your brand even more memorable.

Create packaging that provides a unique, interactive experience for your customers. If not, how will you go about expanding their experience and attract them to buy your products again in future?


One of the most important thing your packaging should display is your brand identity.

This means it needs to follow the same color scheme, use the same typography, and give off the same vibe that you try to market, in every avenue. Consistency is key when it comes to your brand, and your packaging should reflect that!

Through consistency in your packaging and design, you make your consumers a part of your brand community. They will always be attracted to your products when your products are easy to recognize.


With a solid packaging and brand design strategy, you and your customers can both rest easy knowing that they’re walking out of the store with a quality product and that they will buy it again and again.

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