Get More YouTube Subscribers; Viral vs. Stable Growth Strategy?

YouTube continues to be one of the top-rated channels to promote your content today. In fact, it’s estimated that more than 3 billion videos are viewed every month and this number continues to escalate daily.

Whether you’re just starting out your channel, or already have a significant number of subscribers, the youtube growth strategies in this post are sure to give you a few fresh ideas on how to take your video content game to the next level.

Before we dive in…

let’s dissect the myth of viral growth as a strategy.

For many content creators, like you and I, going viral means getting a piece of content, a social media post, or a video shared widely, and that’s something that’s much easier said than done. However, from time to time, content does make its way on to the right channels, where it resonates with a specific audience in such a way that it helps grow your YouTube channel in a snowball effect, until it hits viral growth.

The Hydraulic Press YouTube channel is a perfect example of viral YouTube channel growth in action. The channel picked up 484K new subscribers between 03/13/16 and 04/13/16 – and generated 41.6M views (out of the total 42.7M) mostly due to the fact that it was shared on a subreddit where that community is receptive of fun and quirky videos.

So, what’s the secret behind the growth of a hit YouTube channel, and what are some tips for successfully growing a YouTube channel?

We would argue that one of the most important aspects of promoting your youtube channel is by creating authentic content, combined with a sincere wish to engage and delight viewers with some outstandingly quirky footage. Having said that, hoping to go viral is clearly not a strategy, which is why we’re put together this post on tactics and strategies to give your channel a fighting chance.

Creating community content

Now this may sound trivial enough, but consider it the building block of increasing your subscriber base. Whether your goal is to achieve a viral growth or position towards a more stable growth, it is important that you create content that is relevant to a particular community.

Your content can be related to cooking, travel, education, DIY, whatever. The fundamental idea is that you should consistently create content that appeals to a specific audience. Many YouTubers often make the basic mistake of mixing content from various genres in the same channel. Don’t do it. If you can manage to create various types of content, then do so on different channels.

Closely associated with this strategy is a fact that the content should drive engagement. And what does engagement mean? It simply means that your content should be compelling enough to coerce the viewer into taking action at any point during watching your video.  They can like, unlike, share, comment on it, or potentially take action on an entirely different website. Creating content without a conversion strategy means that you, as a creator, are leaving money on the floor.

Search and Discover Strategy

Consider your YouTube channel as a restaurant. Even if your food (content) is great, and you feel that it should be shared with others, how will you ensure that your ‘restaurant’ is found?

Audience Development Strategy

A successful YouTube channel is always optimized. Optimization here means that the channel has to use the right keywords and tags that act as signals to the millions of people who are searching for great visual content. Apart from just using hashtags and keywords, you also need to publicise your channel across various social media accounts. Persuade your community members to share your content and that is how it can achieve virality.

It’s not enough to capture an audience just once onto your channel. A good YouTube channel growth strategy involves creating multiple streams of equally engaging content, with each stream linking to the others. This means that you, as a channel owner should maintain an active channel that encourages your viewers to keep coming in anticipation of more delightful content. That’s how you can develop a loyal audience for your channel.

Building Relationships

Don’t treat your YouTube channel as a one-off platform. If you run a blog or a social media account on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc., then leverage them to build relationships with your audience. They may not visit your YT channel initially, but with passage of time and regular updates, it should generate the spur to finally draw the audience to your content.

Engage with your potential subscribers

Have you heard about YouTube Live and YouTube Super Chat? These are tools that let you speak real time with your subscribers. Try these tools and you will be amazed to see how quickly your channel grows.

Seek expert help

One common mistake that channel producers make is working as a one-man show – content creation, curation, editing, advertising, etc., bearing the grunt of the overall workload. What you need to understand is that you may not possess the expertise in all the domains. Tap into the experienced talent that can help you grow your channel. In short, focus on your strengths.

To sum up

There are many strategies for getting more subscribers and promoting your YouTube channel. The most important strategy to begin with, is to create content that is relevant and engages its audience, and to do that it’s important to really be passionate about the topics you cover, because if there’s one thing that’s clear, it’s that if you’re not focusing on things that are super interesting to you, there’s no way you’ll go the long haul that’s needed towards creating massive channel.

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