Ten Amazing Women Impacting the Cannabis Industry

With the ongoing legalization of medical marijuana, the cannabis industry is thriving more than ever. As such, like all verticals of business, amazing women are helping to shape and influence the industry, while continuously improving the lives of many.

According to a survey by Marijuana Business Daily, 36% of the executives in 2015 were women, reports C & En. The figures have recently dropped with only 23% executives being female. In light of this, we thought it would be a perfect time to bring you a list of ten amazing women who are shaping the ever-changing cannabis industry in their own unique way.

#1: Pamela Hadfield

As a founder of HelloMD, Hadfield first came to know about the health benefits of low THC products, when she found a cure of her migraines in them. Hadfield, a UX designer by profession, created HelloMD to help patients with health conditions, which can be alleviated by medical marijuana. The platform provides an opportunity to consult with doctors, access community support and have precise information on products.

#2: Jessica Peters

With a background as a cannabis clinician, Peters is the founder and president of Moxie Meds. One of the specialties of Moxie Meds is that it provides cannabis for women, and is run by women. Some of the products of Moxie Meds include cannabis tinctures, which can be used to lessen menstrual cramps, menopause, and other menstrual related issues.

#3: Shanita Penny

Shanita Penny comes from a background of management consultation. As a recognized management consultant, she has helped several companies improve their infrastructure and performance over decades. She is the founder of Budding Solutions and is known for her campaigns in favor of cannabis. She also provides management consultations to entrepreneurs in the cannabis niche.

#4: Heather Despres

With a B.S. in Chemistry from Clarkson University and M.S. in Chemistry from the University of Colorado, Heather is presently a consultant and an advocate for the legalization of marijuana in Virginia.  She has worked in different cannabis testing labs across Colorado and Vancouver and is a strong advocate of marijuana. According to her, the industry could benefit not only patients but also the state if medical marijuana is legalized.

#5: Johanna Motz

Motz is the co-founder of PolyKulture Cannyard, where she oversees organic cultivation of marijuana. She also believes in organic farming and cultivation without any detrimental effect on the environment like water wastage or soil degradation. Motz has been known to encourage people to speak about cannabis and its positive impacts.

#6: Tiffany Bowden

Bowden is best known as the Chief Happiness Officer of ComfyTree, which is an e-learning enterprise for cannabis. She is passionate about educating the industry professionals about the positive influence of marijuana. Bowden first started her journey because she was upset with the misrepresentation of cannabis by mainstream media, and haven’t stopped ever since.

#7: Charlo Greene

Charlo Greene, one of the pioneers of the cannabis industry, is known for quitting her job as a reporter while she was covering a major story on Alaska Cannabis Club. She has been awarded a Courage in Media Award by High Times and she has been listed as one of the “13 most potential women in Pot Industry” by ELLE.  Greene continues her campaign for cannabis legalization in a popular daily talk show.

#8: Emily Paxhia

Paxhia is the co-founder of Poseidon Asset Management, which is a cannabis hedge fund. She reviews thousands of cannabis companies and supports the entrepreneurs with preparing documents, business strategy, and product launches among others. Presently the Poseidon Asset Management manages a portfolio of 27 different cannabis companies.

#9 Moran Grinberg

Moran Grinberg, VP of R&D at Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc. is an experienced scientist with expertise in both basic and applied biological and clinical R&D. Her background is interdisciplinary – basic biological research, clinical research, the establishment of new validation system, and project management. She strives to leverage these skills to be an instrumental team player in bringing viable novel therapies from bench-to-bedside.

#10 Sari Starr

For over a decade Sari ran a creative agency called U2R1 Media. Since 2016 her efforts have evolved towards the cannabis industry. She is a cannabis entrepreneur with multiple business entities. Redefining Cannabis is her cannabis creative agency. She’s worked with top-level brands who aim to change the stigma around cannabis. Sari also founded Cannabliss Retreats – Curating conscious community with cannabis – an educational and experiential experience

Final Words

With the popularization of the cannabis industry, more and more attention is being focused to it. As such, in the years ahead, the industry will hopefully see an increase of passionate women entrepreneurs helping out others to strive and succeed in their chosen fields of passion.

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